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A Wee Review of Dog Track, Belfast...

26 February 2018 | Caroline Wilson
A Wee Review of Dog Track, Belfast...

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I’m going to be honest, I didn’t get it.. what was Dog Track, how do I order AND a sushi train.. what was that about??

Then I went, twice, now I get it!  You know when you are out and order and then when it’s delivered you think you might have wanted your dining companion’s dish more? Well, Dog Track is for the FOMO types amongst us, or just those that like lots of different cuisines, or the indecisive.. or if dining with a group, there will be something for everyone!

You can order pasta, sliders, Asian, Italian etc, so no matter what you want, you can get the little dishes of deliciousness and if you so wish, grab a dish or two off the track that gives it its name.

Why Dog Track?  The track is the sushi train and Dog after Barking Dog the sister restaurant, one of my favourites in the city. The flavours the Barking Dog delivers are second to none. The track delivers little dishes to get you going which you can simply lift off the track and also desserts which are very yummy (particularly the passion fruit tart), however the menu is extensive and there is definitely something there for everyone.   Order 3 or 4 depending on how hungry you are and see how you go, like tapas, you can order more and take your time over it.  Pricing is the same as a sushi train, the colour of the plates determines the price. 

I forgot to mention the caipirinhas .. get a caipirinha. 

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Words by Caroline Wilson.

Caroline Wilson

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