Introducing 'A Wee Review'...


I don’t think you can be a bona fide restaurant reviewer in Northern Ireland, it’s just too small a place.  And what is a review anyway?  It’s a subjective view of a meal in a particular moment in a restaurant.  Imagine if someone reviewed your work... eek!

As someone who gives the same ‘service’ each week, I know how I am from week to week can change! Hopefully all thoughts on my ‘performance’ are positive but I would also think they differ from person to person and tour to tour.  I check the Trip Advisor page when I wake up every day and hold my breath, it's that personal to us.

With all that in mind, we've decided to launch 'A Wee Review' series - not reviews as such, who are we to critique anyone? We just wanted to share some food experiences in venues that maybe people haven't been to, have forgotten about or we just want to shout about.

I would also note that I am a great believer in ‘if you have nothing good to say, say nothing’.  So don’t expect anything negative but we won’t wax lyrical if we don’t feel it.  Also we don’t accept any freebies for visiting anywhere we go on tours, reviews or posts or anything like that, so everything is written of our own free will.

Oh the other thing, you may have noticed I can rattle on, so the challenge is a review in less than 300 words...

Words by Caroline Wilson.