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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I spend my Shop Local Vouchers with Taste & Tour?

Yes, you can! All you have to do is give us a call on 02890457723, we'll take the payment over the phone and you'll be able to book any of our tours and experiences until the end of 2022!⁣



Are you touring again?

We sure are! We have been touring for a total of 12 months from March 2020 to November 2021. We resumed touring again on the last occasion on 4th June 2021 and have been touring since then without interruption. *touch wood*

We've kept our blog up to date with regards to COVID-19 over the last 18 months. Have a read here.

We were awarded our Good To Go Certificate and in summary, we have reduced the number of guests on tour, our guides are fully trained and up to speed with all the changes to ensure you have a smooth arrival, exit, and experience at venues, and we have also checked that all venues are adhering to Government guidelines.

As it's currently compulsory to wear a face mask when not seated at venues, we would ask you to bring one along. Our aim is to do all we can to keep us all safe and make your day as stress-free and enjoyable as we possibly can.


I have a Gift Voucher that Expired between December 2020 and December 2021, what do I do?

First of all, don't panic! We're nice people, and we just want you to be able to experience a tour with us.

All unused vouchers from December 2019 onwards are valid for booking until 31st December 2021. The tour can take place in 2022, the voucher just has to be redeemed on our site by the end of 2021.

If you have a voucher that has not been used before, please register an account here and add your voucher code either on the account dashboard or at the checkout stage.

If you have a voucher that you've used before, then please read the next question and answer!


My tour was postponed, what do I do?

If your tour was previously postponed due to COVID-19, please click here and enter the original email address you used when booking your tour.

This will activate your account and you will have the appropriate credit in your account there for you to book onto a tour in the future.

Please use your credit to book a tour before 31st December 2021. The tour can take place in 2022, the voucher just has to be redeemed on our site by the end of 2021.


Booking or Changing a Tour

How do I book a tour?

It's easy, promise! Please register for an account here.

When you register for an account you'll need to verify your email address by clicking a link that is emailed to you.

Once your account is verified just pick a tour and date that suits and proceed to checkout.


How do I amend or cancel a tour?

You can change the booking ie guest name or dietary requirements, or cancel your booking up to 72 hours before your tour in your account dashboard of the website.

If you haven’t set up an account but have a booking, simply click here to reset your password using the email address you originally used to book and your booking will be in your account dashboard.

Please note, you can only change your date twice and it must be 72 hours before the tour start time.

Additional date changes are at the discretion of Taste and Tour and should we approve there will be a £5 admin fee. There is a considerable amount of admin that needs to be done to facilitate changes every time a booking is amended eg notifying a minimum of 5 venues. We don't make a profit from this fee, but we can't do it for nothing.

I would love a Private Tour! How do I arrange that?

What good taste you have! Private tours are usually for 12 or more guests. Click here to find out more and make an enquiry.

I can't get booked, there are no dates?!

We hear this quite a lot, but there are always dates to book! You are able to book up to 3 months in advance but if you do leave it, tours will fill up as thankfully for us they are pretty popular!



What does Waiting List mean?!

Waiting Lists show when the tour is fully booked. If you join a Waiting List and tickets become available for a tour, you will be automatically contacted by email informing you that tickets are available to purchase.

These tickets are available on a 'first come first serve' basis and once they're gone, they're gone, so act fast!

What are the chances of tickets becoming available?

We just can't say! It varies from week to week, but we do tend to get more cancellations the week of the tour.


When will I know if places become available?

As soon as someone cancels, our system will automatically notify you. We can't say when someone will cancel.


Can I join more than one waiting list?

Absolutely! You can join as many as you want.


Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes! Gift Vouchers are available to purchase here. If you are buying a few vouchers and only know the name of one of the recipients, simply write 'Guest' in the name field. All Taste and Tour NI Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against any of our tours.


My Gift Voucher is about to expire, what do I do?!

Don't panic! Gift Vouchers are valid for booking tours for 12 months from the date of purchase, but you don't have to go on tour before it expires, you can tour anytime in the future - just get it booked!

How do I book using a Gift Voucher?

You can redeem your Gift Vouchers through our website using the 12 digit code on the Gift Voucher itself. You must first register for an account, verify your email address in your inbox, and then add the Gift Voucher code to credit your account.

The value of your voucher will be deducted from your balance, any remaining credit will remain on your account until it expires one year from the voucher purchase date.

Our codes work 100% of the time so please ensure you have read these instructions fully.

If you have a voucher and can't get it to work, please get in touch. We would ask that you don't buy a ticket and then email us for a refund as we are charged a fee to do so and will have to pass this on to you.

If you wish to purchase vouchers and want these emailed to different people, this will need to be done as a separate transaction.

If you have any issues, just contact us!



Do I need to bring my ticket?

We try to be as green as possible, so please show your ticket on your phone. If you forget it, don't worry our tour guides have a list of guests.


What happens if I need to cancel within 72 hours of my tour or miss my tour?

We send out reminders the week before your tour and we call you on the day in case you are running a bit late. If we can’t get in contact with you, we hold everyone back a few more minutes in case you turn up.

We prepay for a lot of the food and drink on our tours, we pay 20% of your ticket price in VAT, so we are out of pocket if you don’t turn up.

If you can give us as much notice as possible, we will always make the effort to resell your tickets and if we are successful you can transfer on to another tour. Should the tickets not sell then unfortunately we aren't in a position to offer you credit.


What time does the tour start? Where do we meet? How long is it? Where does it finish?

Please check your tickets or on the Upcoming Tours page of your account.

How far is the walk and is it suitable for those with mobility issues?

Each tour is different, please see Our Tours for further information.


I have an allergy or dietary requirement, can you cater for me?

We can deal with all dietary requirements; we've even had a vegan non-drinker on tour!

Please note the Whiskey Walk, Crafty Beer and Street Eats Tour and the Belfast Beer Crawl are not suitable for those that cannot consume gluten.

When you book, you'll be asked if you have any Dietary Requirements and you must enter the information there before being able to progress further with your booking.

We don’t prepare the food you eat, so we cannot 100% guarantee what is in or what has been around the food that you consume. We have had numerous guests with all kinds of allergies on tour without incident.

Why do you need my telephone number?

We will only contact you if we need to speak to you about your tour eg in case we need to cancel or change our meeting place or if you haven’t arrived at the meeting place. Your number will not be shared with anyone else and we will not use it for marketing purposes.

Are children welcome on the tour?

The food tours are set up with adults in mind. We visit bars on all of the tours, and therefore it is up to parents to decide if that's appropriate for their children. We have had infants on tour and children over 8. Children any younger than 8 would get very bored! Please note the Whiskey Walk, Beer Crawl, City Cocktail Circuit, Gin Jaunt and 5 Stop Brunch are not suitable for those who are under 18 years of age.

What if it rains?!

Bring an umbrella!! We tour all year round, come rain, hail and even if there is a glimpse of sunshine! We have fun, whatever the weather. Just wear the right clothes.

Can I bring my dog?

Sadly we can’t bring dogs on the tour as some of the venues are not dog friendly, but we do have them in our office!

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