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A Wee Review of Noble, Holywood

18 February 2020 | Taste and Tour
A Wee Review of Noble, Holywood

As someone who spends their life ordering food for other people, going to Noble is like a holiday, it’s as good as a spa break for someone like me.  I know I will go through the door and be looked after from beginning to end, only without the robe and slippers! The welcome, the food, the wine.. it’s like one big giant hug. 

I check the menu, the chalkboard of beautiful specials and then decide, if I can’t make a decision, usually because there are too many delicious choices, Saul (one of the owners) does it for me. He also picks the wine, usually by the glass so that I can really explore something new. A didn’t know a lunchtime red was a thing, and that it can be Hungarian, but I do now! 

Their white truffle risotto is a thing that could be sold on the dark web, highly addictive! If they have it, get it.  If they have the crab, get it. The steak, get it.  The roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, get it.  My friend Gavin loves Noble so much just because they deliver a teaspoon of English Mustard for his fillet steak, it’s the little touches that make the big difference. This place is little but it packs the biggest punch, I can’t recommend it enough, book ahead and go! 

Words by Caroline Wilson.

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