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A Wee Review of Jumon...

28 June 2018 | Caroline Wilson
A Wee Review of Jumon...

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Jumon. I liked it so much the first time I visited for dinner that I went back for lunch the next day. Do I need to say more?

I had heard it was good, but hadn’t realised it would be this good. The food isn’t like anything else I’ve eaten in Belfast.  I also had no idea what most of the menu was, so I ordered an array of dishes, in my usual over catering style, and loved every bite.

The Pok Pok salad with papaya and pickled pineapple is the stuff of foodie dreams, and anything with brown rice is a must.  I am not a conventional ‘orderer’ - I like to share - so ordered everything to arrive together, including the Pok Pok salad, mushroom tacos (I don’t love mushrooms, but oh my, the umami was something else), cigar rolls filled with.. wait for it.. Yunnan aubergine, ricotta kimchi, black ketchup and jade mayo... I had no idea either but o m geeee..  a brown rice dish (obvs) called XO and a curry with 5 spice tofu, tea egg, pickled ginger and all other kinds of loveliness.  It was flippin' delicious!!

Chinese tea is delivered in an ‘old school’ catering type kettle when you arrive, and the chopsticks are held by the cutest chop stick holders you could imagine.  But here’s the clincher, they even have some of our local favourites on their menu including Young Buck cheese and Hillstown’s Goat's Butt, as well as a great wine list.

I have a super foodie friend, she’s a cracking cook, Cathy, she loves Asian food and has travelled extensively.  We haven’t had a night out for a long time and I knew straightaway, when I was making a plan for our evening, where we were going.  It was perfect... again, need I say more?  This is the food you crave.

Ps service can be a tiny bit erratic so just go in and chill, it’ll all work out in the end!

Pps I didn’t mention, there’s no meat, but you wouldn’t notice... it’s delicious, go!

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Words by Caroline Wilson.

Caroline Wilson

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