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Radical, unexpected drinks experiences, brought to you by the curious minds of Taste and Tour.

When you go to The Spirit Circle, you will sense a difference. This isn't a bar, a pub or a nightclub. It's an experience designed to make you feel unexpectedly good and unexpectedly part of something good. Like a restaurant tasting menu where dishes are replaced with drinks, we serve you glass after glass of flavours, characters and sensations. There's no usuals here, just unforgettable experiences.

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Strong Waters

Sit back and sip...Get swept away in the boozy story of Belfast. Enjoy six delicious chapters, served with spirit by our storytellers.


Drink and think. Explore why you like what you like through a series of sensory experiments and incredible cocktails.


From £45.00

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Join The Spirit Circle in Belfast

Those in the know can find The Spirit Circle above The National, on High Street, Belfast. We have our own door on the right hand side, so don't be afraid to walk through it into our spirit realm.

By the way. People who are photosensitive may be affected by The Spirit Circle experiences. The Spirit Circle is an alcohol based experience, so it is for adults only. Our historic venue is very old and has a lot of stairs, so we regretfully cannot cater for wheelchair users or people who find stairs difficult.

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