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Did somebody say Whiskey?

20 September 2016 | Phil Ervine
Did somebody say Whiskey?
So we've been a little bit busy working away in the background creating a brand new, and we think rather exciting, tour in Belfast. It's not about food this time, it's all about Whiskey. Irish Whiskey to be precise! We've teamed up with Dillon Bass to create a Whiskey Walk of Belfast. Join us on a Whiskey Walk around Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter with Irish Whiskey Ambassador Joe Magowan. Experience a selection of Belfast’s best Whiskey Bars, a whiskey cocktail demonstration and tasty nibbles. Enjoy 8 very different whiskeys and discover new found knowledge and appreciation of Irish Whiskey and the Belfast bars that serve it. Tickets will be available to purchase later this week and gift vouchers coming soon... PE.
Phil Ervine

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