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Sip, Savour and Soak up the new Belfast Whiskey Walk Experience

20 November 2023 | Taste and Tour
Sip, Savour and Soak up the new Belfast Whiskey Walk Experience

You asked, and we listened. 

Our Belfast Whiskey Walk has had a glow-up. On the surface, these changes may seem minor but we know their impact will blow your socks off - or at least the Whiskey consumed will. 

So what’s different? 

Although the tour still kicks off in our very own venue, The Spirit Circle, we’ve given the overall route itself a bit of a shake-up. What that means for you is that you now have the perfect excuse to try out the Whiskey Walk again if you’re a previous guest of our Whiskey Walk tours. Plus, now our guests have the added pleasure of experiencing some of Northern Ireland’s very own breakout distilleries. For now, we’ll keep those brands slightly under wraps. You’ll have to join the tour to find out more…

Here’s what awaits you on the new and improved Whiskey Walk Tour of Belfast: 

Dive into Belfast’s Whiskey History

There’s plenty of local whiskey history to soak up on this tour. Learn about legendary, local whiskey brands that have weathered the test of time. Discover their journey from fame, fortune, and tragedy to their triumphant revival all while sipping on palate-cleansing whiskey drinks and sampling local meats and cheeses.

Bar man pouring cream over Irish Coffee on Taste & Tour Belfast Whiskey Walk

Explore the Best Whiskey Bars in Belfast

Our journey takes us to some of Belfast’s most iconic whiskey bars, including the traditional haunts that have been serving up whiskey since the 1870s. In addition to exploring the well-established whiskey brands that have become synonymous with Belfast’s whiskey heritage, we’ll also introduce you to some exciting, breakout distilleries making waves in the world of Irish whiskey. It’s a chance to savour innovative flavours and witness the future of whiskey-making brands alongside the traditions of the past. 

What seems to stand out time and time again to guests on our tours is the surprise and delight of digging deeper into what Belfast has to offer within the local food and drinks scene. What’s more, is the fun in discovering the hidden stories, the little nooks of knowledge that surprise even our truest of Belfast locals. The Belfast Whiskey Walk is no different. 

So, whether you’re a fan of the classics or eager to try something new, join us on a journey through the heart of Belfast's whiskey culture, where you'll uncover premium quality whiskeys, the best bars, and discover the rich heritage of Irish whiskey in Belfast. Get ready to explore the world of Irish whiskey with our carefully curated stops. 

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