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A Wee Review of Ox, Belfast

04 September 2020 | Taste and Tour
A Wee Review of Ox, Belfast

Years and years ago, I used to write a blog for Forestside Shopping Centre. In my Diary of A Foodie, I would detail what I had been up to food wise that month, what was good to eat and what was happening next month. Remember these were the days before Instagram and before Ox had even received their Michelin Star! When Ox first opened, as you can imagine, it featured in my blog. I described how I visited in June 2013 for my birthday as it was a ‘special occasion’ type of place', but I went on to compare it to a ‘good room’ in a house that shouldn’t be kept for the special visitors, it should be sat in and enjoyed as regularly as possible.

Well my sentiments remain firmly the same, going to Ox is all the special occasion you need! I went with my oldest (literally a few days older than me and I like to remind her any time I can) friend for a long overdue catch up. As a result we had the tasting menu and from beginning to end, it was incredible. Each morsel was the best of the season on a plate, the service was exemplary as were the matching wines.

What started as lunch finished next door in Ox Cave many, many hours later*, meeting new people, drinking beautiful cocktails and enjoying wonderful cheeses.. .it was as good as a much needed holiday!

Vive L’Ox!

ps My menu is here, I don’t think I need to say much more, other than.. see you there!

pps yes my plus one ate the tuile before I got a chance to photograph it, sorry Stevie :)

*Editor’s (Phil) note - it was 8 hours ?

Words by Caroline

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