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12 July 2016 | Taste and Tour

We recently took part in a brilliant new BBC Worldwide programme called RSVP Abroad.  The idea is to meet a few locals who are 'interesting' and then have a dinner with all of them and really discover the place through the people, and you know that's right up our alley!  

So off we went and showed our guests around St George's Market and gathered together the food for dinner that night.  Of course, I got talked into cooking, so made a Monkfish Cassoulet and then selected a huge amount of Irish cheese, including my favourite Young Buck by Mike's Fancy Cheese Company with Passion Preserved Watermelon Rind Pickle.  Then finished it all off with Co Couture Chocolates.

We all gathered at Patricia's house, and what a house!  Patricia and her sister Catherine own Maven on the Lisburn Road.  It's a beautiful interiors shop so you can only imagine the house. These are the downstairs bathroom tiles and let's just say I have never photographed bathroom tiles in my life!

Conor Brady brought drinks and boy did he bring drinks!  He created a peanut jelly whiskey cocktail (a nod to the American host of the tv programme), and yes he infused whiskey with peanuts.. he's like that... I call him the Mary Poppins of cocktails.  He also brought Shortcross Gin! We also met up with Adam of Seedhead Arts and he too brought some tasty Boundary beers.

I won't lie - fun, friends, Conor's drinks and Patricia's house only meant one thing - Panadol required!  

Can't wait to see the finished result, though it's not available on UK BBC, we will share it through YouTube once it's live. 

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