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The Spirit Circle The Spirit Circle
The Spirit Circle

Belfast by the Glass

An alternative history of Belfast... through booze! 6 Drinks. 6 Chapters. 6 Stories to be Told.

Sit back and sip. Get swept away in the boozy story of Belfast. Enjoy six delicious chapters and drinks, served with spirit by our storytellers.

Sitting by the fire in the elegant parlour of one of the most historic buildings in Belfast, we will sip our way through the stories that together make Belfast a city to be admired. At the beginning of each chapter, you will sample a range of carefully prepared serves involving beer and a range of other Irish spirits. Then whilst you sip, you can watch and listen as an animated world unfolds on the walls around you.

Belfast by the Glass
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Friday, 19 July 2024


Additional Information

People who are photosensitive may be affected by The Spirit Circle experiences. The Spirit Circle is an alcohol based experience, so it is for adults (over 18s) only. Our historic venue is very old and has a lot of stairs, so we regretfully cannot cater for wheelchair users or people who find stairs difficult.

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