Me and Richard E Grant...

April has been a bloomin' busy month... One of the highlights was taking Richard E Grant on a tour of 'my Belfast'!  Yes the actual, Richard E Grant.  My first question.. 'What does E stand for?'

We were taking part in a Tourism Ireland film in association with Smooth Radio.  We visited Sawers and dined on Walter Ewing's Organic Smoked Salmon with Our Daily Bread freshly cooked wheaten bread, then had a look in the freezer cabinets - it's always an education!  This time I found rattle snake, apparently people barbecue it!


Next stop was Co Couture to make some champagne truffles and then headed off around the city and even managed to sit on the newly painted seats outside the Duke of York .. Sorry! 

A fun day all round!

PS - E doesn't stand for anything - he made it up!  Oh and to view the finished result, just click here