These queries relate mostly to the Belfast Food Tour, please email us or give us a call if you need other information specifically relating to another tour.

Before you book...

Where does the tour go and how long does it last?

Part of the fun of the tour is that guests do not know where they are going. What goes on tour, stays on tour! On the Belfast Food Tour, we start at St George's Market and finish in the Cathedral Quarter.  We start Belfast Bites and Brewery Tours at City Hall.  The other tours start at various locations and this can be found on the booking page.  Tours usually last 4 hours.  

I know Belfast well, is there any point going on the tour as I'll probably know everywhere we visit? 

We have yet to have anyone on the tour that has not found something new on it. The whole idea of the Belfast Food Tour is to discover the food and drink of Northern Ireland and learn about the people behind the produce. You meet producers along the way and have a fun, unique experience that can only be had on tour with us.

How far is the walk and is it suitable for those with visual or physical disability?

The Belfast Food Tour travels around St George’s Market for around one hour and there are no seats available. We then travel at a slow speed around Belfast and there are seats available at our stops.  We go as far as City Hall and then the longest walk is from Belfast City Hall to the Cathedral Quarter.  Only one stop on the tour does not have wheelchair access. 

I have a food allergy; can you cater for me? 

We can deal with all dietary requirements; we've even had a vegan non drinker on tour! When you book you'll be asked if you have any allergies etc and you can enter the information there.

Why do you need my telephone number when I book? 

We will only contact you if we need to speak to you about your tour in case we need to cancel or change our meeting place for example.  Your number will not be given to anyone else. 

Can children come on the tour?

The tour was set up with adults in minds.  We visit bars on the tour, and therefore it is up to parents to decide if that's appropriate for their children. We have had infants on tour and children over 8.  Children any younger than 8 would get very bored!

We are a group and would like a private tour.

We take private tours of 12 or more on the Belfast Food Tour but our other tours, and specifically our Bespoke Tours, can cater for smaller numbers. Just email us with number of guests, preferred dates, budget and time available and we'll work out the best plan for you!

What if it rains?

We tour all year round, come rain, hail and even if there is a glimpse of sunshine!  We have fun, whatever the weather. Just wear the right clothes.

Can I bring my dog?

Sadly we can’t bring dogs on the tour as the places we visit doesn’t allow them.  

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, we can't do refunds. However, if you give us a minimum of 48 hour’s notice, from the start of your tour, that you wish to cancel your place, then we will rebook you on to another tour that suits you and has availability.  

After you've booked...

I can't make the tour, what do I do?

Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds. However, if you give us a minimum of 48 hour’s notice before the tour we will do our best to transfer you onto another tour that suits you and has availability. Just drop us a line on hello@tasteandtour.co.uk

I've given a name in my booking and now they can't make it, do I need to contact you to change the name?

So long as we have the lead guest's name, then we can work with that! It doesn't matter who you bring.

Do I need to bring my ticket confirmation?

You just need to bring yourself! We have a list, no need to print anything.

Gift Vouchers....

Do you sell gift vouchers?

We certainly do! Buy Gift Vouchers here. If you are buying a few vouchers and only know the name of one of the recipients, simply write 'guest' in the name field.  

When will the gift voucher expire?

Gift Vouchers are valid for booking tours for 6 months from the date of purchase, but the tour can take place at any time, even after the 6 months, just get it booked!

How do I book using my gift voucher? 

You can redeem your Gift Voucher through our website.

We are currently only able to accept one Gift Voucher at a time when booking online, so please enter your code at checkout.  Please read these instructions before booking.  You can copy and paste your voucher code from the original email you received. 

For example: If you want to book 2 people on to the Belfast Food Tour using 2 £50 vouchers then please follow the booking process for each individual person, booking one person at a time, using each code accordingly.

If you enter your voucher code and you leave the page or your page refreshes, the code will show as invalid.  Simply wait 15 minutes and it will work again once our booking system has refreshed.  Our codes work 100% of the time so please ensure you have read these instructions fully.

Our multiple voucher redemption system is work in progress, so apologies for any extra time the above process causes - we promise we're worth the hassle!

Got a Gift Voucher issued before October 2016?

If you bought or received your voucher between April 2016 and October 2016, and have two or more codes to use, then you will have to book one ticket at a time and enter only one code eg ABCD-1.  

Multiple Vouchers

If you wish to book 3 tickets or more at one time using your voucher codes, email hello@tasteandtour.co.uk and we will send you one code to use for your booking. 

Still got a question?